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Pigment red 176

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Natural color:

Dilute color: 

Pigment red 176 is a kind of dyestuff and pigment, its molecular formula is C32H24N6O5, molecular weight is 572.5702.

Chemical formula:


Basic information 

Product name:N-(2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)-3-hydroxy-4-[[2-methoxy-5-[(phenylamino)carbonyl]phenyl]azo]naphthalene-2-carboxamide

Alias: 12515; C.I. Pigment Red 176; 2-Naphthalenecarboxamide, N-(2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)-3-hydroxy-4-(2-(2-methoxy-5-((phenylamino)carbonyl)phenyl)diazenyl)-; (4Z)-4-{2-[2-methoxy-5-(phenylcarbamoyl)phenyl]hydrazinylidene}-3-oxo-N-(2-oxo-2,3-dihydro-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)-3,4-dihydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide; 3-hydroxy-4-[2-methoxy-5-(phenylcarbamoyl)phenyl]azo-N-(2-oxo-1,3-dihydrobenzimidazol-5-yl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide

CAS RN:12225-06-8

Molecular formula:C32H24N6O5

Molecular weight:572.5702

Physical property data  

Hue or color tone: bright blue light red


Bulk density/(lb/gal):11.2-11.6

Melting point/℃:345-355

Average particle size/μm:120

Particle shape: rod shape

Specific surface area/(m2/g):61;75-79

PH value/(10% sizing agent):5.5

Oil absorption/(g/100g):70-88

Covering power:transparent blue light red. Light fastness is 6 grade, heat stability is above 300℃, organic solvent resistance is 4~5 grade.

Main uses  

Metric hue angle is 2.1° (1/3SD,HDPE). It has excellent migration resistance is soft PVC, light fastness is 6-7 grade (1/3SD), heat resistance can reach 200℃, in tinting cable and synthetic leather; in transparent polystyrene, it is stable at 280℃; in laminated plastic and printing ink; in raw polypropylene pulp, heat resistance is 300℃/min(1/3SD). It is mainly used in plastics.

System No.  

CAS RN: 12225-06-8

EINECS No.: 235-425-2

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